Smarter Traveling

5 thoughts on “Smarter Traveling”

  1. Katie, thanks for the travel advice. I felt you had me in mind as you wrote. I printed it & yellow highlighted. Question: “Inform the USA industry” – what did you mean? What credit cards are accepted in Italy? Visa? American Express? Will our cell phones work there? How are you posting to your blog? Enjoy!

    1. Hey Nancy!
      I did have you in mind! I actually meant USA embassy (big typo – they sound the same) here is the link to that and you just tell them you’re going on the trip. : I have a visa credit card and that works. I haven’t used anything else. Your cellphones will not work there. You need to contact your phone company to see what kind of plan they have for international traveling. I choose not to have one because it is expensive. You can also pick up a pay-as-you-go phone in Italy. I use wifi to post the blog.

  2. Wow! So glad you made it safely ‘across the pond’ ! Excellent points about travel safety. Though I would observe that many of the worst problems with pick pockets etc are much more extreme in Italy than say, Germany. As regards all the other pointers, I can definitely relate – it seems Susanne and I have made all the same mistakes at one point or another in our various European adventures.

    Is that espresso in the photo?


    1. Hey Steve!
      You guys NEED to come to this place!!! I am not kidding. When you guys go on vacation again please stop by here. You would love the lady that owns it and it is one of the most beautiful places I have been in my life. The horses are incredible also, of course. Rome last night was a little nerve-wrecking. I am definitely not anxious to try to travel there alone again. It was really the area of Rome that I was in, as the center is much different than the train station area. As to the mistakes, you live and learn right?

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