Rendola Riding

6 thoughts on “Rendola Riding”

  1. Katie
    I had no idea you were doing this, and I am so incredibly happy for you. I have goosebumps reading of your adventure. I smiled big reading about shoveling horse manure as meditating, as I often say the same thing! I hope your days to come are beautiful, please continue writing….and I will continue reading. much love!

    1. Miranda! Wow, it has been a long time! I miss you and our meditating barn work together. You would absolutely love this place! I found the job on a website called But besides that, you can come here for riding holiday and trail ride the whole week. Plan it for the future!!! I hope everything is wonderful with you!

  2. what is the dog’s name. is he as sweet as those here? How about the horses? and the people? l looked at weather channel and they have rain in paradise? LOL. Love you Katie

    1. The dogs name is Sammy and he is a lover. The horses are lovely! They are extremely laid back and happy. The people are great as well haha. Ill tell you about the food soon! Yes, it is a rainy spring in paradise. Bad for the vineyards! It was a beautiful sunny day today though!
      Much love!

  3. Wow. What a great way to visit a country. Stay with locals and take your time learning the culture and viewing the surroundings. Great start to your new life.

  4. Oh my God, I might be jealous!
    Sammy reminds me of Buster,and I realize if we were spending more time with our horses they would become happier horses,too. I love your pictures ,Katie. What an adventure!
    I am getting a lot of Joy from reading your blog! Thanks and keep it up!

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