Vinyards, Olive trees, Castles….

9 thoughts on “Vinyards, Olive trees, Castles….”

  1. Dad and I were hoping to hear from you today! I am happy your are doing well and have your picture taking abilities restored! Yay! Have a nice time in Florence tomorrow. Be smart and be safe! Love you much. Love, Mom

  2. Katie,

    Wonderful photos and wonderful commentaries. Really enjoying your blog.

    Now, whenever you drink Chianti in the future, will you get flashback memories of the smell of the saddle leather and horse?

    Have fun in Florence and say hello to David for me.

    Aunt Nancy

  3. Hi Katie! I love your blog! I was so happy to hear from you today. Post everyday because I worry when you don’t. Your mom wants me to buy a bottle of chianti now. I will and we will talk about you and Italy! I love you Katie!

  4. What an awe inspiring blog! Yes – you have realized the dream. Castles and horses – can it get any better? Beautiful landscapes and experiences. The stories of the working couple from England and others gives me hope. Maybe Susanne and I can do that someday, and we shall ride around the same castle.

    What is Rodrigo as far as breed – he is a lovely creature, and the flowers complement him very well indeed?

    hugs from NY

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