Farm Life

8 thoughts on “Farm Life”

  1. Hi Katie, I love these pictures! I am so happy that you are having a great experience in Italy. We miss you and can’t wait for you to post on your blog. Love you my Katie-Bug. Love, Mom

  2. Katie,
    Love the photos that Kara is taking of you, especially that top one. I finally figured out who Kara reminds me of – the actress Jane Seymour. Maybe Kara is tired of hearing that.
    Aunt Nancy

  3. Hey Katie. I love the words of you describing your present world and of the wonderful pictures you and Kara are taking. Keep them coming! Love, Gram

  4. Your pictures are awesome and I love reading these posts. What a great experience for you! When you get back later in the summer I want you and your friend to come play some tunes at the river lot and we will have a shin-dig!

  5. I have to say I love the first photo – it just seems to say, ‘I am tired, but I have had a wonderful day’ – The flower photos are magical. Looks like a fairy land.
    hugs from New York – Steve and Susanne

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