Joust of the Saracen

5 thoughts on “Joust of the Saracen”

  1. OMG. How much fun was that! I’m glad you had previous experience in the US with the jousting. LOL remember the rose? Hugs to you Katie. Gram

  2. What colorful pictures!
    (Re: the ‘ugly Americans’, if I were you and I heard those students, I would have thought that I was on the TV show ‘What Would You Do?’ and John Quinones was going to come out of the shadows. He would have congratulated you.)

  3. Katie,
    Wow – thank you so much for your blog – wish we could have been there – but your write up and photos are the next best thing! Luca looks like he belongs on one of those jousting horses too – you need to train him! Great job educating the obnoxious Americans – my sentiments exactly. It all looks so colorful, passionate, and romantic.
    hugs from New York

    1. Forget training Luca! I want to be one of the people on the jousting horses! I asked an local if they ever have girls joust, but he said it was just a mans sport. I am going to tuck my hair up under a hat. If you are ever in Italy, make sure to plan it around the Joust of the Saracen event! There is one in June and one in September.
      I’m glad all if well, I miss you guys!

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