4 thoughts on “Lucerne”

  1. My I have been remiss! So busy with cheese plant construction I have not been keeping up with the travel bug! But I will be going through everything I have missed soon. Katie – years ago I traveled to Lucerne twice while in the Army. Both times in the winter on skiing trips – boy do your photos bring back memories – especially the bridge. I remember crossing that on an icy night on the way to the Casino. It felt like being in a James Bond movie. Yes, the mountains were beautiful and you describe just what I remember as I went up on the lifts and skied down – little viallages nesteled in snow blanketed valleys far below – wisps of smoke trailing up and away from tiny chimneys – thanks for these memories!
    Steve – waiting for you guys to come back to NY so we can ride again!

    1. I come home the 22nd and I will get a hold of you guys as soon as I get back. I miss you a bunch! I love that you have been to Lucurne. We have a lot of stories to share.

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