Nelson Lakes

6 thoughts on “Nelson Lakes”

  1. These photos are amazing. The forest looks EXACTLY like Mirkwood where Bilbo and the dwarves are attacked by the giant spiders.

  2. That landscape is so rugged and exotic. Makes me keep remembering Lord of the Rings and Middle Earth.

    As far as the thunder storm – wow! What an experience. I remember such an event in my life – once camping on top of as Mountain in the Black Forest of Germany with my brother Pete and some Army buddies. In the middle of the night a terrifying storm rolled in, with lightening hitting all around us, and fear that a tree would blow down on our tent. Finally, it passed and we were all safe. The power of creation is breathtaking.

  3. More beautiful pictures!! I will probably never get to New Zealand, but I feel as though I have been there with all of your gorgeous pictures. Glad you survived the thunderstorm!

  4. I love your tale of the great thunderstorm ! We got stuck in a tornado in the middle of Nebraska flatlands. You know that feeling of having no control over Mother Nature . You have a beautiful use of language Katie – so lovely .

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