I am in love with Barcelona. Everybody says that they have a city they belong in and I have to say that mine is Barcelona. I remember saying this last year when we passed through the city after our music festival in Spain and my opinion did not change the second time I was there. … Continue reading Barcelona!


I found that Paris is a lot like New York City because of the artistic and modern culture, except it does not have the towering buildings. Before going to Paris, my stereotype of the French people was that they were arrogant and not open to people who are different to them. My stereotype of them … Continue reading Paris


Strasbourg is located along the Rhine River on the German and French border. It is known for being the headquarters for the European Parliament. Because it is located close to both Germany and France, it has a huge variety of culture. When you walk down the street you see a mix between French bakeries and … Continue reading Strasbourg


It was aweing to look at the Swiss Alps through the train window on the ride to Lucurne. We rode along mountain sides where we looked down upon small villages that had houses with steep rooftops like you see in fairy tales. It made me feel like I was looking down on the little train … Continue reading Lucerne

Lake Como

Lake Como is situated at the Northern tip of Italy below Switzerland. It is 146 kilometers squared and is surrounded by tall Mountains belonging to the Alps.   It is a holiday destination for Italians especially, but there were also people from all over Europe there. With the steep prices and ritzy shops, we found … Continue reading Lake Como


Today Luca and I stayed home to relax and spend time in the kitchen before our guests come tomorrow. As a lot of people know, Luca is a phenomenal cook. It was definitely something that swayed me his way before we started dating. But, when it comes to cooking for me…..let’s just say that I … Continue reading Tiramisu