Wild Winds – Video

Video here: https://vimeo.com/185968970 View New Zealand from the eyes of trees in the fourth episode of a five part series: Memories of Wind and Water. “Wild Winds” is a collection of Time-lapses taken on the South Island. Watch wild winds blowing through New Zealand’s valleys, the Milky Way brightening the night’s sky, and the mist steam off … Continue reading Wild Winds – Video

The Amberley House

I spent 3 incredible weeks WWOOFing with the Mason family at the Amberley House. The Amberley House is a historic homestead near Christchurch. The property had a gorgeous garden on it that we rode the horses through. The gardens seemed to be straight out of a fantasy book with a “secret garden” vibe. Angie and Andy were the … Continue reading The Amberley House

Mount Alfred

I wasn’t sure what to call this post….”Yet, Another Adventure?” or “Surviving Mount Alfred?” or “Wondrous White Summit? After our tour through the South Island with Luca’s parents, I promised myself that I need to simmer down a bit now, as I have had just enough adventures in New Zealand. Nice, relaxing hikes are fun … Continue reading Mount Alfred

Kinloch Lodge

I have spent my last three weeks working at Kinloch Lodge, which is located in the Queenstown area. Kinloch is a wilderness lodge that is nestled in a valley in close proximity to a couple of famous New Zealand tracks, such as the Routeburn Track. It is also in close proximity to what many Lord … Continue reading Kinloch Lodge